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12 Things We've Done to Take Back Congress

This week, the news cycle went on overdrive. We got a little of everything: big reveals in the Mueller investigation, disastrous interviews, fresh coverups, old characters brought back for season 2, and more lies, lies, lies.

But there’s a real risk to this never ending barrage of outrage: fatigue and complacency. Too easily dismissing this clown show is precisely how this clown show got elected, and it’s next to impossible to truly grasp the scope of scandal that infects every corner of the White House and reaches straight to the Republican Caucus in Congress.

We MUST restore checks and balances, and that starts by taking back Congress.

Flip the 14 recently put together a list of our accomplishments, and I wanted to share it with you today to help you understand the kind of work we’re doing. We’re doing serious and substantive work for the Resistance, filling in the gaps and making our collective efforts more effective. We’re a lean operation and a good investment for anyone interested in stopping Trump and his Republican enablers in Congress. When you’re done reading, please consider a contribution to help us continue this work.

  1. Established a network of representatives in every Republican-held district in California, in partnership with Code Blue. These organizers are our eyes and ears on the ground, and also offer us a conduit to provide strategy and support back to the Resistance in these districts.
  2. Operated a fully staffed 50-person call and text center. Our call and text center, based in Davis is a tremendous asset to reach voters, recruit volunteers, fundraise, and boost event turnout. In particular, the center has been very effective at recruiting new volunteers from within the 14 districts. We then connect our volunteers with our representatives on the ground to bolster the local Resistance with new energy and enthusiasm.
  3. Developed Pathway to Victory Analyses. These strategic plans identify projected voter turnout, how many additional votes are needed to win, and how to get them. Our analyses have been embraced by many California leaders in Indivisible, because they provide a tangible target around which volunteers can coalesce.
  4. Conducted Electoral Trainings.  We’ve led multiple campaign tactics trainings and workshops, including 3 3-hour sessions at Rock the Congress (Napa and San Francisco) and at the statewide Indivisible Conclave in Sacramento.
  5. Spearheaded Coordinated Calendar. Flip the 14 facilitated the development of a coordinated calendar that will provide a centralized, shared website and calendar for major resistance groups, including Indivisible, Swing SoCal Left, Code Blue, and Rock the Congress.
  6. Doubled the number and location of independent expenditure canvasses in CA-04 (McClintock). Our paid field organizer in CA-04 has doubled the number of planned independent expenditure canvasses, and expanded the canvasses to now include Auburn, Rocklin, Roseville, El Dorado Hills, Placerville, Cameron Park, and Lincoln. We also connected Santa Rosa, Sonoma county and Sacramento volunteers to these canvasses. This work is being done in close coordination with the California Away Team and Sacramento Labor Council, ensuring that all voter contacts are cataloged for an efficient and effective Get Out the Vote effort.
  7. Established an Action Council in CA-04. Our organizer has convened an Action Council to coordinate efforts of the various Resistance groups inside and outside of CA-04. This is connecting Resistance and labor organizations that previously had minimal interaction, helping everyone better reach voters.
  8. Provided Design Services. Our design team has developed professionally designed multi-lingual walk pieces on issues including DACA and health care, which are available on our website free-of-charge, as well as scripts for canvassing and phone-banking as requested by Resistance groups.
  9. Provided Voter Lists. Flip the 14 has provided voter lists to CA-42 and CA-08, which enabled the Resistance to begin their canvassing in those Districts.
  10. Expanded Phone Banking into SoCal Swing Districts. In partnership with Code Blue, we have helped recruit over 2,000 new volunteers statewide to participate in phone banks in the top 7 swing districts. In the Bay Area, we are working with the NorCal Blue Wave Alliance to help coordinate phone banking for 22 alliance organizations.
  11. Provided pro-bono legal and other consulting services. We paired high level pro-bono consultants -- many of whom have political consulting, legal, or communications experience -- with each District.
  12. Prepared a toolkit to help students, teachers, and Resistance groups pre-register and register students during the National School Walkouts. The toolkit offered strategies to register students, identify student leaders, gain media attention, and more.

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