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Flip the West

About Us

What We Do

Flip the West is working to strengthen the work of the Resistance in Arizona, California, Colorado, Montana, and Texas. We provide a number of services to Resistance organizations, including:

  • Strategic analysis reports for Republican-held districts to help the Resistance understand what it will take to win.

  • A call and text center operation to recruit volunteers for partner Resistance organizations and other contacts that amplifies the Resistance.

  • One-on-one professional consulting services for Resistance leaders.

  • Walk pieces and other professionally designed materials to improve door-to-door canvassing.

  • Campaign training workshops to help Resistance leaders run successful field campaigns, recruit volunteers, effectively message, and turn out voters.

  • Voter lists and turf cutting for Resistance partners who don’t have dependable access to targeted voter lists.

  • A comprehensive vote archive in development to identify the many ways the 14 have harmed their constituents.

  • Amplification of events to boost in-district turnout.

  • Filling in the gaps in the Resistance where we see them.

For more information or to request our services, visit our requests page.