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Bad News in Three Key Congressional Races

At Flip the 14, our specialty isn’t doom and gloom. We usually find those sky is falling emails to be disheartening and uninspiring too.

But we are also a reality based organization, and we’re going to be straight with you: we’re really worried about CA-39, CA-48, and CA-49. Those are the districts currently represented by two retiring Republicans (Ed Royce and Darrell Issa) and a Republican with baggage (Dana Rohrabacher).

Here’s the situation we’re in: while overall Democratic support is high in all three districts, two Republicans are currently near the top of the heap. Under California’s top two primary, that means two Republicans could advance in both districts if we don’t rise up and do something.

We’ve already committed the resources to text 50,000 key Democratic voters. If we raise an additional $8,000 this week, we can make 100,000 new voter contacts by the primary election. Can you donate today to help us double our texting outreach to newly registered and midterm skipping Democrats?

Just today, the highly respected Cook Political Report downgraded our chances in CA-39 and CA-49 from “lean Democratic” to “toss up” entirely because of the top two primary concern.

We’ll have an exciting announcement this week about a joint phone and text campaign in CA-39, CA-48, and CA-49 with allies you might be familiar with. We’re devoting a lot of resources for the texting campaign, and we have enough in our budget to contact 50,000 base universe Democratic voters that are newly registered or often skip midterm elections. Many of them are young people, communities of color, and union households.

We’d like to cast a wide net and expand this universe to 100,000 voters. Can you help us reach this goal? We need to raise an additional $8,000 this week!

Thanks for whatever you can give, and stay tuned to our big announcement later this week. We’re going to need all hands on deck to keep the Rohrabacher, Issa, and Royce districts in play for November.

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