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Concrete Resistance Against the Child Snatchers


We at Flip the 14 share your anger and your anguish over the inhumane horrors occurring on our southern border. First, Trump’s troops tore thousands of children away from their families, many of whom may never be reunited. Then, the Administration declared they were going to warehouse families indefinitely in detention camps. We don’t know what they’ll try next, but it’s clear they’re intent on using children and families fleeing violence as political pawns. This whole saga is beyond sickening.

We are launching a major initiative to reach voters in key California Congressional districts, alerting them to this outrage and their Member of Congress’s silence. We are especially trying to reach the mid-term skipping voters who turned out in the November 2016 election but skipped the June 2018 primary. Our focus is Latino voters, young voters, and suburban women voters who we believe will overwhelmingly side with the children.

Can you help us launch this campaign? You’ve seen our track record and know we devote our resources to the field. For every $1,000 raised, we promise we will reach 10,000 voters in important California swing districts. We’re aiming to raise at least $10,000 to contact at least 100,000 targeted voters.

The voters that we reach in this campaign are the most critical voters in our quest to flip Congress. They are the margin of victory.

This is important. Terrified and traumatized, these children and their families endured the unspeakable to get here. Many are asylum seekers fleeing violence. Now they’re being subject to harsh policies that even former First Lady Laura Bush compared to Japanese internment camps. What could come next keeps us up at night.

This is America, but it doesn’t have to be. Any elected official who is not standing up and speaking out against this cruelty does not deserve to be in office. At Flip the 14, we’re doing something about that.

We’re reaching back out to our Resistance partners to help us contact voters, and as we learned from our successful phone banking and texting campaign in the primary, we have an incredible volunteer network.

If we secure the resources, we’re confident we can reach the voters we need to make a difference. You saw us contact more than 150,000 voters through our primary election texting and phone banking campaign. Maybe you were a part of it. Please contribute today to help us replicate that success at this crucial moment.

Trump’s child snatching and indefinite detention of families can be resolutely stopped by an act of Congress – an institution Republicans control. Almost every Democrat in Congress has already spoken out in horror and demanded action. But California’s 14 Republicans? Some have outright praised it. Most of the rest are silent. Their constituents must be alerted to this travesty. Will you help us?

There are moments in American history that make us recoil with shame and outrage. We are living through one of those dark chapters today. Flip the 14 isn’t going to sit back and watch our country fall into the abyss without a fight. Will you join us?

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