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Flip the West

CA10 - Jeff Denham (R) v. Josh Harder (D)

The Democratic Challenger: Josh Harder

Josh HarderJosh Harder grew up in Turlock, attended Modesto Public High School, and graduated from Stanford University. He then pursued an MBA/MPP at Harvard. He currently teaches business at Modesto Junior college. Harder has always been dedicated to public service. He took a break from work to go to Africa and help small farmers and nonprofits. He is focused on job creation in the Central Valley.

His top issues include: Medicare for All, DREAM  Act, ag tech leadership, water efficiency and storage, end Citizen’s United,  national $15 minimum wage, free community college and vocational training

His website:



The Republican Incumbent: Jeff Denham

Congressman Jeff Denham is a loyal foot soldier for the Trump agenda, even though he represents one of the most contested districts in the country. The highly respected Cook Political Report considers this district a tossup, which is why we hosted our first campaign training here. He has repeatedly voted to take health insurance away from thousands of his constituents, and he even voted to replace Medicare as we know it with a voucher to purchase private insurance. Like his fellow Republicans in Congress, Denham doesn’t think Trump should have to release his taxes. The Modesto Bee refused to endorse Denham last year, citing his support for Trump as “a disqualifier.”





Congressman Denham has consistently voted against Medicaid, yet:

  • 49% of the children in CA-10 are on Medicaid or CHIP, and
  • 25% of the adults in CA-10 are on Medicaid

Congressman Denham has consistently voted against the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), which helps families in need provide healthy food for children and seniors, yet:

  • 34,370 households in CA-10 receive SNAP, and 24% of them have a senior 60 or older in the household and 68.4% of them have a child under 18

Congressman Denham voted dozens of times to repeal the Affordable Care Act, even though it has contributed to a substantial increase in the number of insured CA-10 residents:

  • Drop In Uninsured Rate Thanks to the Affordable Care Act in CA-10: 61.1%, from 16.2% to 6.3%
  • Number of CA-10 Residents Covered Under the ACA’s Medicaid Expansion: 74,100
  • Number of CA-10 Residents Covered Through the ACA’s Marketplace Under Covered California: 20,700

Congressman Denham has accepted $62,900 from the NRA.

Other CA-10 Demographics:

  • Total Population: 739,784
  • Population 65 and Over: 88,689
  • White Population: 542,001
  • Hispanic Population: 316,229
  • Asian American Population: 51,717
  • Black and African American Population: 23,843
  • Native American Population: 4,742
  • Multiracial Population: 39,368
  • Foreign Born Population: 155,946
  • Veteran Population: 32,963
  • Disabled Population: 93,596
  • Democrats: 130,226 (38.82%)
  • Republicans: 122,175 (36.42%)
  • Decline to State: 65,996 (19.67%)
  • Third Party: 17,098 (5.1%)
  • Cook Partisan Voting Index (PVI): EVEN
  • 2016 Congressional Election Results: Denham (R) 124,671 (51.7%), Eggman (D) 116,470 (48.3%)
  • 2014 Congressional Election Results: Denham (R) 70,582 (56.1%), Eggman (D) 55,123 (43.9%)
  • 2012 Congressional Election Results: Denham (R) 110,265 (52.7%), Hernandez (D) 98,934 (47.3%)
  • 2016 Presidential Election Results: Clinton 116,335 (48.5%), Trump 109,145 (45.5%), Other 14,200 (6%)
  • 2014 Gubernatorial Election Results: Brown 64,982 (51.7%), Kashkari 60,797 (48.3%)
  • 2012 Presidential Election Results: Obama 108,923 (50.5%), Romney 101,160 (46.9%), Other 5,030 (2.6%)

How You Can Reach Congressman Denham:

Washington, DC Office: (202) 225-4540
Modesto District Office: (209) 579-5458
Facebook Accounts: Government Page, Campaign Page (He is very active on both accounts)
Twitter Accounts: Government Page, Campaign Page (He is very active on both accounts)

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