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Flip the West

CA23 - Kevin McCarthy (R) v. Tatiana Matta (R)

The Democratic Challenger: Tatiana Matta

Tatiana MattaTatiana Matta is a public relations professional from Rosamond, where she offers public relations services to nonprofits and political candidates. She is in a military family and actively advocates for veterans. Matta supports comprehensive immigration reform with a pathway to citizenship. Her parents are active members of the school board and teach at public schools. Matta has been endorsed by the California Teachers Association and the California Labor Association.

Her key issues include: Free community college, comprehensive immigration reform, climate change, water security

Her website:



The Republican Incumbent: Kevin McCarthy

House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy votes in lockstep with Trump. The #2 Republican in the House, McCarthy more than anyone in the California delegation has the moral responsibility to push back against Trump’s worst impulses. Spoiler alert: he hasn’t. A rubber stamp for the Trump agenda, McCarthy seems content with allowing Trump to tear down our country and our cherished values if he can get tax cuts for rich people out of the deal. McCarthy has put a bullseye on Medicaid for as long as he’s been in Congress, yet almost half his constituents depend on it for their health care needs. He stopped representing his constituents the second he took office.





Congressman McCarthy has consistently voted against Medicaid, yet:

  • 41% of the children in CA-23 are on Medicaid or CHIP, and
  • 21% of the adults in CA-23 are on Medicaid

Congressman McCarthy has consistently voted against the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), which helps families in need provide healthy food for children and seniors, yet:

  • 31,312 households in CA-23 receive SNAP, and 18.7% of them have a senior 60 or older in the household and 70.3% of them have a child under 18

Congressman McCarthy voted dozens of times to repeal the Affordable Care Act, even though it has contributed to a substantial increase in the number of insured CA-23 residents:

  • Drop In Uninsured Rate Thanks to the Affordable Care Act in CA-23: 62.4%, from 15.7% to 5.9%
  • Number of CA-23 Residents Covered Under the ACA’s Medicaid Expansion: 73,500
  • Number of CA-23 Residents Covered Through the ACA’s Marketplace Under Covered California: 16,900

Congressman McCarthy has accepted $86,850 from the NRA.

Other CA-23 Demographics:

  • Total Population: 738,690
  • Population 65 and Over: 85,699
  • White Population: 560,410
  • Hispanic Population: 278,191
  • Asian American Population: 39,169
  • Black and African American Population: 52,168
  • Native American Population: 1,973
  • Multiracial Population: 29,446
  • Foreign Born Population: 99,472
  • Veteran Population: 40,581
  • Disabled Population: 83,388
  • Democrats: 103,306 (29.5%)
  • Republicans: 150,745 (43.05%)
  • Decline to State: 77,379 (22.1%)
  • Third Party: 18,713 (5.34%)
  • Cook Partisan Voting Index (PVI): R+14
  • 2016 Congressional Election Results: McCarthy (R) 167,116 (69.2%), Reed (D) 74,468 (30.8%)
  • 2014 Congressional Election Results: McCarthy (R) 100,317 (74.8%), Garcia (D) 33,726 (25.2%)
  • 2012 Congressional Election Results: McCarthy (R) 158,161 (73.2%), Phillips (DTS) 57,842 (26.8%)
  • 2016 Presidential Election Results: Clinton 88,314 (36.1%), Trump 142,351 (58.1%), Other 21,294 (6.8%)
  • 2014 Gubernatorial Election Results: Brown 47,686 (35.5%), Kashkari 86,743 (64.5%)
  • 2012 Presidential Election Results: Obama 82,119 (36.1%), Romney 139,816 (61.5%), Other 5,362 (2.4%)

How You Can Reach Congressman McCarthy:

Washington, DC Office: (202) 225-2915
Bakersfield District Office: (661) 327-3611
Facebook Accounts: Campaign Page (He posts occasionally on his campaign account)
Twitter Accounts: Government Page, Campaign Page (He is very active on his government account)

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