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Flip the West

CA48 - Dana Rohrabacher (R) v. Harley Rouda (D)

The Democratic Challenger: Harley Rouda

Harley RoudaHarley Rouda is a successful businessman, philanthropist, attorney, and tech entrepreneur. He’s had diverse and extensive success in companies of all sizes and scopes, from his family business to startups to publicly traded companies. Harley received his MBA from The Ohio State University, and his J.D. from Capital University Law School. Active in numerous charities and civic organizations over the years, Harley has been involved in fighting homelessness, domestic violence, and human rights offenders; supporting education for the disadvantaged as well as supporting access to higher education; saving military jobs; and working with a myriad of civic organizations and businesses  to drive economic development.

His top issues include: Investing in renewable energy, college debt relief, protect our coast, close tax loopholes.

His website:


The Republican Incumbent: Dana Rohrabacher

House Leader Kevin McCarthy once said, “There’s two people I think Putin pays. Trump and Rohrabacher. Swear to God.” He claims it was a joke, but we’re not laughing. Congressman Dana Rohrabacher has been called “Putin’s favorite congressman,” and the FBI once warned him that Russian spies were trying to recruit him. Speaking of Putin allies, he once made one of his Republican colleagues “honestly want to throw up” after a speech about the Assad regime in Syria. He also has one of the most extreme anti-immigrant records of anyone in Congress. Oh, and did we mention he brought a Holocaust denier to a big meeting at the Capitol? It’s a shame Rohrabacher is so easily distracted, because he represents almost 40 miles of coastline that could really use someone focused on keeping the beaches and ocean pristine for residents and this district’s thriving tourism economy.




Congressman Rohrabacher has consistently voted against Medicaid, yet:

  • 27% of the children in CA-48 are on Medicaid or CHIP, and
  • 12% of the adults in CA-48 are on Medicaid

Congressman Rohrabacher has consistently voted against the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), which helps families in need provide healthy food for children and seniors, yet:

  • 13,610 households in CA-48 receive SNAP, and 38.1% of them have a senior 60 or older in the household and 59% of them have a child under 18

Congressman Rohrabacher voted dozens of times to repeal the Affordable Care Act, even though it has contributed to a substantial increase in the number of insured CA-48 residents:

  • Drop In Uninsured Rate Thanks to the Affordable Care Act in CA-48: 52.3%, from 14% to 6.6%
  • Number of CA-48 Residents Covered Under the ACA’s Medicaid Expansion: 44,600
  • Number of CA-48 Residents Covered Through the ACA’s Marketplace Under Covered California: 26,500

Congressman Rohrabacher has accepted $42,150 from the NRA.

Other CA-48 Demographics:

  • Total Population: 724,082
  • Population 65 and Over: 120,215
  • White Population: 487,071
  • Hispanic Population: 146,880
  • Asian American Population: 132,088
  • Black and African American Population: 9,316
  • Native American Population: 4,480
  • Multiracial Population: 30,773
  • Foreign Born Population: 182,787
  • Veteran Population: 32,000
  • Disabled Population: 69,018
  • Democrats: 121,319 (29.84%)
  • Republicans: 147,266 (37.71%)
  • Decline to State: 101,394 (25.96%)
  • Third Party: 20,808 (5.33%)
  • Cook Partisan Voting Index (PVI): R+4
  • 2016 Congressional Election Results: Rohrabacher (R) 178,701 (58.3%), Savary (D) 127,715 (41.7%)
  • 2014 Congressional Election Results: Rohrabacher (R) 112,082 (64.1%), Savary (D) 62,713 (35.9%)
  • 2012 Congressional Election Results: Rohrabacher (R) 177,144 (61%), Varasteh (D) 113,358 (39%)
  • 2016 Presidential Election Results: Clinton 152,035 (47.9%), 146,595 (46.2%), 18,698 (5.9%)
  • 2014 Gubernatorial Election Results: Brown 75,434 (42.4%), Kashkari 102,289 (57.6%)
  • 2012 Presidential Election Results: Obama 133,103 (43%), Romney 169,249 (54.7%), 7,144 (2.3%)

How You Can Reach Congressman Rohrabacher:

Washington, DC Office: (202) 225-2415
Moscow Office: Coming Soon!
Huntington Beach District Office: (714) 960-6483
Facebook Accounts: Personal Page, Government Page (He is very active on both accounts)
Twitter Accounts: Government Page, Personal Page (He is very active on his government account)

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