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Three Weeks Ago, They Let Health Care for Kids Expire

IT’S BEEN THREE WEEKS. Congressional Republicans let the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) expire three weeks ago, and still every California Republican in Congress remains silent.

Nine million kids are at risk of losing their health care, including more than two million in California.

At Flip the 14, we’ve been pressing our Republican representatives to act, and we’ve been reaching out to their constituents to let them know what’s being done to their children by their Members of Congress.

Take Rep. David Valadao’s district for example. 64% of kids there depended on CHIP this year for their health care needs. In Rep. Devin Nunes’s district, it’s 44%. In Rep. Jeff Denham’s district, it’s 49%. If Congress doesn’t act soon, 11 states will run out of money by the end of the year.

Democrats are ready to vote on a CHIP re-authorization, but Republicans are playing games. It’s our kids that will get hurt.

Sign our petition demanding an immediate CHIP reauthorization. We need to fight back.

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