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Big News as Flip the 14 and Code Blue Announce Strategic Partnership

I have a big update on the future of Flip the 14, and I want you to be one of the first people to know about it.

We’re launching a strategic partnership with Code Blue, an organization that has supported over 60 Democratic candidates in state, local, and national races across 17 states since the November 2016 elections, helping to flip over two dozen from red to blue. 

Our missions are similar – to flip as many congressional seats held by Republicans as possible – and we both bring to the table a large network of Resistance leaders across the state who are ready to take back Congress.

Please contribute today to build on our momentum and continue our Resistance work.

Combined, we now have representation in all 14 of the congressional districts in California currently represented by a Republican.

This partnership will allow us to more quickly reach our goal of expanding the map of winnable seats. Our strategic partnership is about collaborating to avoid duplicated work that leads to diminishing returns.

Under this alliance, Code Blue and Flip the 14 will jointly recruit volunteers to support phone and text banking, canvassing, and voter registration activities throughout the state.

We will remain independent organizations, but this partnership will amplify our mutual work, making us both more effective as we help the Resistance create a blue wave in California.

We made this decision, because this election isn’t about egos or territory; it’s about winning and saving our country! You can help us win with a contribution today.

This is an important milestone for Flip the 14 and the Resistance in California. They say it’s always darkest before the dawn, and together, we’re working to bring the light back to America.

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