Doug LaMalfa


Doug LaMalfa represents the 1st Congressional district in California, a predominantly rural district in the interior of the state.  LaMalfa’s political career spans back to 2002, when he was first elected to the California Assembly. Since then he has consistently attacked and opposed LGBTQ rights. Malfa also tried to pass legislation to turn local police officers into agents of ICE in California, jeopardizing the community trust needed for safe neighborhoods. He has opposed all sensible gun safety laws in his time in Congress. Although he has repeatedly voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act, cut Medicaid, and gut food assistance for hungry kids and seniors, he happily collects farm subsidies for himself. In 2017, he backed bills allowing internet providers to sell user data and to weaken the Clean Air Act. Despite representing one of the most wildfire prone districts in America, Doug LaMalfa remains a steadfast climate change denialist. The 1st District deserves a better representative in Congress.

Lifetime Report Cards

  • Anti-Workers’ Rights: AFL-CIO: 12%
  • Anti-Environment: League of Conservation Voters: 1%
  • Anti-Gun Safety: NRA: 93%

How We Can Win

It starts with you. Together, we can restore the promise of America and start to reverse the damage done by Trump and his Republican enablers in the House and Senate. Together, we prevent a far right wing takeover of the U.S. Supreme Court. Together, we win.