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Our First Campaign Training a Huge Success


Group Photo at Flip the 14's Modesto Campaign Training

In late August, Flip the 14 held its first activist training. It was a resounding success. More than 50 activists from at least nine Resistance groups in CA-10 showed up to a union hall in Modesto for a full debrief on volunteer recruitment strategies, messaging, neighbor-to-neighbor persuasion, and more. Some even drove more than 30 minutes away to attend. We committed to ten campaign canvasses over the next six weeks, and we’re fired up and ready to flip the 10th. With the help of Flip the 14 and the CA10 Progressive Coalition, we now have a coordinated plan of action to make us all greater than the sum of our parts. One Resistance; many resistors. Jeff Denham doesn’t know what’s coming.My name is Juan Vazquez, and I’m proud to say that I’m Flip the 14’s first hire. I’m an organizer who lives in CA-10 and has been working with Resistance groups in the district for months. I didn’t find Flip the 14. Flip the 14 found me. I’m glad they found you too.


We’re not trying to take over the Resistance. We know a top-down takeover is doomed to failure. We’re not a party organization. We know a lot of independents are tired of the Republican Congress too. Our focus is helping make grassroots Resistance organizations succeed. That’s what makes us different.

Flip the 14 brought in big players to help us. Senator Don Perata and other campaign experts all took the time to come to Modesto, gave us their insights on what makes winning campaigns, and stayed to answer our questions. They organized breakout sessions to help us improve our use of campaign tools and tactics. It was a very rewarding experience.

If you’re reading this, you probably want to see the Trump agenda fail as much as I do. You probably know how important it is for Democrats to take back the House of Representatives in 2018. Flip the 14 is already making a dent in California. I hope you’ll consider a contribution today so that we can expand our work to every other Republican-held district in the state.

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