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Speaker Ryan Just Spilled Beans: Medicare & Medicaid are Next for the Chopping Block

These guys must be stopped!

If the GOP succeeds in passing their tax bill, they’re going to add up to $1.7 TRILLION to the deficit to give the richest 1% a massive tax cut. But the harm doesn’t end there.

Speaker Paul Ryan announced yesterday that the Republican Caucus will use the deficit they’re creating to justify huge cuts to “entitlements.” That’s what Republicans in DC call Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, and nutrition assistance for struggling families and seniors. Read for yourself in the Washington Post: “Ryan says Republicans to target welfare, Medicare, Medicaid spending in 2018.”


Can you believe the chutzpah of this guy!? At Flip the 14, we’re pretty sure a big way you can “tackle the debt and the deficit” is to vote down tax policy that adds more than a trillion to the deficit to give a big tax handout to your rich donor friends!

Speaker Ryan has showed the GOP’s cards. Steep cuts to the programs we rely on to support our families and retire with dignity are next on the chopping block, and we’re fighting back.

Together, the Resistance in California already pulled three Republicans away from the GOP tax scam’s first vote in the House. We need to continue the pressure.

That’s why we targeted the other 11 with walk pieces highlighting the harm the GOP tax scam causes to working and middle class Californians. Please share them widely among your activist networks.

Now that they’ve exposed their plan to gut Medicare and other vital programs when they’re done with taxes, we need to double down the pressure on all 14 to make sure they know voters are paying attention to their dirty tricks.

Carry on, friends. We can still stop them.

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