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Flip the West

Flip the 14 Leads the Way to Flipping 7 Congressional Seats in California


We started Flip the 14 with one goal in mind: to take back Congress and restore checks and balances in Washington. Thanks to supporters like you, we succeeded beyond anyone's expectations. We picked up SEVEN seats in California, and we have a strong Democratic majority to the House of Representatives. The importance of this success cannot be overstated. Have no doubt: the collective power of volunteers in California and throughout the country made a big difference. Thank you for everything you did to bring us to this point.

We are now Flip the West to continue this important work. Our mission: defend and expand our gains in the House while making sure that the U.S. Senate and White House are in Democratic control. We are expanding to Arizona, Colorado, Montana, and Texas, all of which have competitive U.S. Senate races.

We must continue. This work of ours, it’s more important than any work most of us have ever done before. The eternal mission of good and decent Americans to form a more perfect union endures. May it always endure.

In solidarity,
Doug Linney
Co-Founder and Campaign Manager, Flip the 14

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