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California’s Congressman Duncan Hunter Finally Indicted

Five days before the June primary, we tweeted:

You may have heard about Rep. Duncan Hunter’s (R-CA-50) indictment today. If not, he can thank Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort.

His ethical lapses have been on our radar for a long time, and we thought there was a good pick up opportunity, even though many considered it a long shot. That’s why we invested time, resources, and volunteer power in CA-50 to turn out mid-term skipping and newly registered voters who were likely to vote for a Democrat. We texted and phone banked thousands of voters, and produced walk pieces that the Resistance could use. It was one of the districts where we were worried no Democrat might advance to the general election, but we were one of the only statewide groups to do something about it. Money well spent.

Now, the Republican culture of corruption has reached Hunter’s doorstep, and he’s up to the eyeballs with serious criminal charges. We worked closely with local Resistance partners, and we have a strong and ethical candidate in Ammar Campa-Najjir. There’s still a lot of work to do, but it’s too late for Republicans to replace Hunter on the ballot. This is now one of the hottest pick up opportunities in the country. Frankly, we feel vindicated in our strategy.

Donate to Flip the 14 today, and we will continue this important work.

The full indictment of Hunter is worth reading, but here’s a sneak preview: he wanted to buy “Hawaii shorts” and decided to buy them at a golf shop so he could get them reimbursed and claim they were “some [golf] balls for the wounded warriors.”

Like so many others in California’s Republican Caucus, Hunter is the Washington swamp personified, and we plan on draining it this November.

Contribute to Flip the 14 today to help us build out our ambitious field campaign.

CA-50 is new to a lot of groups, but it’s been on our radar from the beginning. With your help, we’re going to flip it and many other districts blue this November.

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