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Why Flip the 14? Cook Political Report Just Announced that Duncan Hunter in CA-50 is No Longer Safe

OAKLAND, CA – Flip the 14, one of the only statewide organizations in California focused on California’s 50th District, is excited to report that the highly respected Cook Political Report just shifted CA-50 from “solid Republican” to “likely Republican.” CA-50 is currently represented by Republican Congressman Duncan Hunter, a representative with a number of ethical lapses. Hunter, somehow a Member of the House Armed Services Committee, also recently called for a pre-emptive strike against North Korea, which would likely trigger a nuclear war.

Further reflecting a blue tide in California, the Cook Political Report also shifted CA-48, currently represented by “Putin’s favorite Congressman,” Republican Dana Rohrabacher, from “lean Republican” to “toss up.”

“We’re glad the Cook Political Report sees what we see in CA-50. Rep. Hunter is vulnerable, and anyone who writes off this seat as unwinnable is making a grave mistake,” said Doug Linney, Campaign Manager for Flip the 14. “There are active ethics investigations into Duncan Hunter’s behavior as a Congressman, and if he had his way, we’d be in a nuclear war with North Korea by now."

Linney added, “Hunter inherited this seat from his father. He has always coasted to re-election on those coattails without a fight. Let’s show him what a real campaign looks like.”

“If you don’t compete everywhere in California, you’re not in a position to take advantage of changing circumstances. Congressman Hunter has actually said, ‘I would preemptively strike [North Korea],’ which experts say would likely trigger a nuclear war. If your voter models tell you this seat isn’t winnable, get better models,” said Don Perata, Senior Campaign Adviser for Flip the 14.

Flip the 14 is the only organization in California competing in all 14 Congressional Districts in California held by a Republican. We released our launch video and comprehensive plan to take back Congress on Wednesday. We alerted our supporters to Rep. Hunter’s dangerous rhetoric toward North Korea in an e-mail and web posting sent on October 1st.

Why Is Rep. Duncan Hunter Vulnerable?

  • “The Justice Department has opened a criminal investigation into a California congressman who faces allegations that he spent tens of thousands of dollars in campaign funds on family trips to Hawaii and Italy, private school tuition and dance competitions for his children, and even video games. … The House Ethics Committee, which has been examining Mr. Hunter’s possible misuse of campaign funds, said in a statement on Thursday that it would put its review on hold at the request of the Justice Department,” the New York Times reported in March.
  • “Even conservative analysts who study security on the Korean Peninsula warn that the congressman may be underestimating the number of civilians who would likely be killed by North Korea retaliation for a preemptive strike — and the risk of getting pulled into a long-term military operation,” the San Diego Union Tribune reported yesterday.


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