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We Just Released Our First Free Walk Piece for the Resistance

When the Cook Political Report downgraded Congressman Duncan Hunter’s chances in the 50th Congressional District, we at Flip the 14 weren’t surprised.

He’s been swamped with ethical lapses during his time in Congress, and there are viable Democrats running against him. Indeed, two of his opponents just outraised him, and he spent more money on legal fees than he raised in contributions last quarter. We can beat this guy.

At Flip the 14, our mission is to help the Resistance and expand the map of winnable seats in California. As one of the only statewide organizations in California focused on winning in CA-50, we decided to produce our first downloadable walk piece for the Resistance there. You can download it at

Importantly, it’s available in English and Spanish, because more than one in five households in the 50th District speak Spanish at home.

It highlights Congressman Duncan Hunter’s ethical lapses and key votes that hurt the people he purports to represent. As we explained in the walk piece, Hunter used $60,000 of campaign funds on family trips to Italy and Hawaii, jewelry, and solo airline travel for a pet rabbit. This LA Times article, “FBI seized computers and documents in investigation of Rep. Duncan Hunter's campaign spending,” provides a good rundown.

Flip the 14 is the only organization in the state with a comprehensive plan to compete everywhere a Republican is in Congress. The downgrading of Rep. Hunter’s chances by the Cook Political Report is proof that California’s map is more fluid than many other groups realize. It’s time to compete everywhere.

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