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Flip the West

GOP Goes from Lamb to the Lions' Den

Did you hear the news out of Pennsylvania? Conor Lamb’s incredible victory in the PA-18 special election proves what we’ve been saying this entire time: we can win in all 14 of California’s Republican-held congressional districts.

PA-18 is a district that Trump won by 20 points. It’s now sending a Democrat to Congress. That’s unbelievable!

But why does that matter in California? 13 of California’s 14 congressional districts represented by a Republican are at least as competitive as PA-18. Take a look:

13 of California's 14 Republican-held Congressional Districts are at least as blue as PA-18

This is our moment, friends. When we say we can Flip the 14, we now have the proof! Contribute today to build on the momentum from PA-18 to make a true blue landslide possible.

Across America, we’ve seen dozens of congressional and legislative seats flip in the Democratic column, and many other deep red districts came very close.

Republicans in Congress aren’t looking out for everyday Americans, and they demonstrate it constantly. They sabotaged health care access. They weakened gun safety background checks. They rolled back climate change action. And they are saddled with the daily outrages of a president that routinely disgraces the office.

Seize this moment! DONATE today and help us take back Congress.

At Flip the 14, we are already doing the in the weeds work that can make or break a campaign. Working with strategic partners in the Resistance and the labor movement, we already have:

  • Field organizers in all 14 districts represented by Republicans,
  • A 50-person staffed call and text center operation,
  • A sustainable volunteer recruitment program from within Republican-held districts, and
  • Alliances that help us fill in the gaps of the Resistance and avoid the wasteful duplication of efforts.

Flip the 14’s singular focus is helping Democrats take back Congress by creating the building blocks for electoral success in November.

Now is our chance. PA-18 is Flip the 14’s vision in action. Help us replicate that success here in California with a contribution today.

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