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Flip the West

Need Help?

Flip the West provides campaign strategy and support to the Resistance. If you are part of a Resistance group who needs our help, please review the services we provide below and provide us feedback in the box below. We will get back to you promptly.

Flip the West offers the following services to our partner organizations and the broader Resistance:

  • Strategic Analysis Report: We prepare thorough strategic analyses of districts, digging deep into the data to understand what it will take to win. Our analyses develop a pathway to victory by identifying targets for registration, persuasion, and turnout. We evaluate operations on the ground and identify key gaps that need to be filled by Flip the West and the Resistance.
  • Call and Text Center Operation: We operate a call and text center operation in Davis that is expandable, replicable, and scalable near any sufficiently large university. Its primary purpose for Flip the West is to recruit volunteers for partner Resistance organizations, but it can be used for voter contacts and other purposes as well.
  • One-on-One Professional Consulting Services for Free: Our team includes a network of professional campaign consultants and specialists throughout California who are eager to offer their services and advice to Resistance leaders, free of charge.
  • Walk Pieces and Other Professionally Designed Materials: We create walk pieces and other campaign materials available for any Resistance group to download, print, and distribute free of charge. Requests are considered. We urge Resistance groups to partner with labor print shops.
  • Campaign Training Workshops: We offer in-person campaign training workshops to help Resistance leaders run successful field campaigns, recruit volunteers, effectively message, and turn out voters.
  • Voter Lists and Turf Cutting: For Resistance partners who don’t have dependable access to targeted voter lists, we create lists that assist in door-to-door canvassing, phone banking, texting, or mailing. We can also provide a central database for voter contacts within a district as needed.
  • Amplification of Events: We are happy to assist other Resistance organizations in spreading the word and amplifying their events, and we co-host canvasses and other in-district actions with partner organizations.
  • Filling in the Gaps: We’re a versatile organization that’s not interested in duplicating efforts or imposing our systems where they aren’t needed. We are looking to fill in the gaps, providing organizational staff support where it’s most needed.