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To Help Defeat Duncan Hunter, Flip the 14 Releases Free Walk Piece for Resistance Groups in CA-50 in English & Spanish


Flip the 14, an organization focused on challenging all 14 of California’s Republicans in Congress, today released a walk piece for door-to-door canvassing in English and Spanish available for free to any Resistance group that would like to use it in California’s 50th Congressional District. The piece highlights Congressman Duncan Hunter’s ethical lapses and key votes that hurt the people he purports to represent. It can be downloaded at: (A Spanish version of this press release is available at

“Flip the 14 believes we can defeat Congressman Hunter in 2018, but this district is not getting the help it needs from most statewide groups. We’re changing that. We designed this walk piece free of charge to help any Resistance group in CA-50 reach voters who might otherwise be ignored,” said Doug Linney, Campaign Manager for Flip the 14.

Last week, CA-50 was determined to be a swingable district by the highly respected Cook Political Report. Hunter’s legal fees in response to ethics probes have dwarfed his fundraising, and two of his Democratic challengers outraised him in the FEC’s Q3 2017 reporting period, demonstrating their viability.

Two days before the Cook Political Report changed its rating in CA-50, Flip the 14 released its plan to challenge all 14 of California’s Republicans in Congress. Flip the 14 believes a blue wave is possible in California in 2018 that can expand the map of competitive districts, but it requires outreach in all 14 districts now. Flip the 14 is the only organization in the state with a comprehensive plan to compete everywhere a Republican is in Congress. The downgrading of Rep. Hunter’s chances by the Cook Political Report is proof that California’s map is more fluid than many other groups realize.

Flip the 14 will soon release walk pieces for the other 13 Republican-held districts.

The complete text of the walk piece in English and Spanish is below.



Congressman Duncan Hunter Isn’t Looking Out for You

He says he’s our Congressman, but he doesn’t stand up for us. He serves Trump and Wall Street. His votes are making our lives worse. Hunter has voted to:

• Take away healthcare from 23 million Americans, delay Medicare access until 67, and cut critical benefits.
• Deny millions of workers access to overtime pay.
• Kick thousands of children off Head Start Early Education.
• Deny young immigrant DREAMers access to education & military service.
• Give big tax cuts to the 1%, leaving middle-class families with the bill.

Duncan Hunter is a puppet of Trump & Wall Street.


Hunter Looking Out for Himself

Hunter used $60,000 of campaign funds on family trips to Italy and Hawaii, jewelry, and solo airline travel for a pet rabbit. It’s enough to make you hopping mad.

“FBI seized computers and documents in investigation of Rep. Duncan Hunter's campaign spending”
– LA Times, 8/9/17

“There is substantial reason to believe that Rep. Hunter converted campaign funds to personal use to pay expenses that were not legitimate and verifiable.”
– Office of Congressional Ethics, 8/26/16

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El congresista Duncan Hunter no está votando por tu interés

Dice que es nuestro congresista, pero no nos defiende. Sirve a Trump y a Wall Street. Sus votos están empeorando nuestras vidas. Hunter ha votado a favor de:

• Quitar el seguro de salud a 23 millones de estadounidenses, demorar el acceso de Medicare hasta los 67 años y recortar los beneficios críticos.
• Negar a millones de trabajadores la horas extras pagas.
• Negar a miles de niños el acceso a la Educación Preescolar.
• Negar el acceso a los jóvenes inmigrantes conocidos como DREAMERS la educación y el servicio militar.
• Reducir abruptamente los impuestos a los millonarios, dejando a las familias de clase media con la factura.

Duncan Hunter es un títere de Trump y Wall Street

Hunter cuidándose de sí mismo

Hunter usó $ 60,000 de fondos de la campaña en viajes amiliars a Italia y Hawai, joyas y viajes en avión solos para un conejo mascota. Es suficiente para que te vuelvas loco.

“El FBI confiscó computadoras y documentos en la investigación del gasto de campaña de Rep. Duncan Hunter”
-Los Angeles Times, 8/19/17

“Existe razónes sustancial para creer que el Representante Hunter convirtió los fondos de campaña para uso personal para pagar gastos que no eran legítimos y verificables.”
-Oficina de Informe de Ética del Congreso, 8/26/16

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