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Keeping Your New Year's Resolution

Happy New Year from the Flip the 14 team!

To ring in 2018, John Dean, famed Watergate whistle blower and former White House Counsel for President Nixon, delivered a clarion call to his followers on Twitter:

“Nothing, absolutely NOTHING, is more important in 2018 than taking the US House from the GOP, and beginning the end of Trump’s horrific presidency. The well being of the nation depends on it. Don’t let a day pass without doing some act to help Democrats win control. STOP TRUMP!”

If these words sound eerily close to your New Year’s resolution, don’t let this day pass without acting on it. Join us at Flip the 14 by chipping in to help us continue our work.

When we see a warning like this from someone with Dean’s stature and experience dealing with a corrupt White House, it’s a sobering reminder that these are not normal times.

But it’s not enough to complain about it. You must resolve to so something about it every day. It’s up to us, the Resistance, to restore accountability and decency in Washington.

At Flip the 14, our New Year’s resolution is to do everything in our power to take back Congress. If you are too worn out from end of the year solicitations (we avoided them), then today’s act could be to forward this email to your friends and encourage them to join in. Or, like us on Facebook and Twitter to follow our work there.

We have a big tent at Flip the 14. We welcome all to come help in whatever way that makes sense for you: donate, volunteer, or take on a leadership role and organize others. Send us a request if we can help in your efforts.

The conditions are right for a major revolt against House Republicans this year. At Flip the 14, we’re ready to do our part to take back Congress.

If you share our vision, please consider donating today. It’s the easiest New Year’s Resolution you’ll ever complete.

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