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California’s Republicans Silent as Health Care Open Enrollment Period Begins

Yesterday marked one of the most important days of the year: the beginning of the annual open enrollment period in Covered California. From November 1st to January 31st, all Californians can see what health insurance plans they and their families are eligible for through the individual marketplace. Many will find out that they qualify for Medi-Cal or an insurance subsidy through the Affordable Care Act, opening up free or low cost health care. For some families, it will be a literal lifesaver.

At Flip the 14, we’ve been monitoring California’s 14 Republicans in Congress for weeks, and none of them have promoted the open enrollment period. They were silent when they let the Children’s Health Insurance Program expire more than a month ago, putting the health care of 9 million kids at risk, and they’re silent now.

It’s time we sent leaders to Washington who care about us. Donate today to help us defeat California’s Republicans in Congress.

You would think they could put their differences aside to alert their constituents to the open enrollment period. A simple message to check out the plans on could make all the difference in the world for a family that’s just too busy to know the open enrollment period has begun.

This is literally a life and death decision for some of the people they pretend to represent. California’s 14 Republicans in Congress just don’t care. They’re playing politics with our health care, and we’re sick of it.

Help us fight back with a donation today. If they’re going to neglect the people they represent, we’re going to make sure their constituents know about it.

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