Our New Name

In 2018, as Flip the 14, we led the effort to flip 14 California congressional districts from red to blue.  We succeeded in 7 of those races.

In 2020, as Flip the West, we worked on 8 Senate races held by Republicans around the country.  We won 4 of those races.

In 2022 we expect to work on both Senate and House races, not only seeking to flip Republican seats, but defending our hard-won gains in both houses.

Clearly, it’s time for a new and more permanent name.

If you have a suggestion, please email us at [email protected].  If your suggested name is chosen, we will recognize you on our website!

Many thanks for your help.

How We Can Win

It starts with you. Together, we can restore the promise of America and start to reverse the damage done by Trump and his Republican enablers in the House and Senate. Together, we prevent a far right wing takeover of the U.S. Supreme Court. Together, we win.

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