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Our Post-Primary Recap

We were at the center of reaching well over 150,000 mid-term skipping and newly registered voters in the last week of the election – through texting, phone banking, postcards, personalized e-mails, and on-the-ground volunteer deployment – and were one of the key organizations that helped avert the disaster of no Democrat advancing to the general election in any pivotal swing district. With everything we accomplished in the primary, Flip the 14 is now well positioned to make an even bigger impact in November.

Can you help us lay the groundwork for an effective general election field campaign with a contribution today? Early resources help us go bigger and bolder, reaching a lot more voters.

We’re engaged in a lot of exciting field organizing that is connecting dozens of Resistance organizations in common purpose. Expect some exciting announcements in the weeks ahead.

Thank you for everything and anything you did to turn out voters in the primary. It takes a wide network of activists, volunteers, and voters to get the results we need in our system, and if Flip the 14 was part of your outreach, thank you for having faith in us. We won’t let you down.

In our circles, the Monday after an election kind of feels like the first workday after New Year’s Eve. It’s a fresh start – an opportunity to assess your priorities and plans. That’s what the Flip the 14 team has been doing since Election Day: meeting with allies and partners, crunching the numbers, debating tactics and strategy past and present, and… putting together an informative post-primary debrief webinar. (A slightly updated version of the slides used in this presentation are available here.)

We recorded the webinar on Thursday, just two days after the election. It covers a lot of ground statewide and in all 14 districts. Watch it. You’ll learn a lot. Then help us continue our mission.

Since the webinar, a lot more votes have been counted, and we’ve learned that mid-term primary turnout is actually nearing a 20 year high. It’s going to take a lot more organizing to see a blue tsunami, but that blue wave? You can see the ripples with the naked eye!

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