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BREAKING: One Down, 13 to Go: Rep. Ed Royce Retires!

The blue wave struck early here in California. Today, Rep. Ed Royce (R-CA39), the powerful chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, announced his retirement. He saw the writing on the wall and knew that he faced a groundswell of opposition from the California Resistance. We daresay this now open seat is suddenly a likely Democratic pickup! Indeed, the Cook Political Report just shifted it from “lean Republican” to “lean Democrat.”

Royce is the eighth Republican House committee chair to announce his retirement this election cycle. Senior Republicans like Royce know that they’re going to lose by the dozens for repeatedly voting to harm their constituents while remaining silent as Trump tears our country apart.

Will you help us build the blue wave in California with a contribution today?

Democrats, independents, and reasonable Republicans need to recognize the unique position we’re in and do everything necessary to elect a House that will restore accountability and decency in Washington.

We need to flip 24 seats to take back the House of Representatives. Hillary Clinton won in 23. That means here in California, we need to go beyond the seven districts Clinton won. Californians ready for change need to expand the map of seats we compete in, and that’s why Flip the 14 is challenging every House Republican in California.

Today, we celebrate. Tomorrow, we organize anew with the confidence that the pressure we’re putting on the 14 is working.

Are you ready to Flip the 14?

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