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The GOP's Middle Class Tax Hike

The harm California’s 14 Republicans in Congress are willing to continually inflict on their own constituents is staggering. Their tax bill, which gives massive tax cuts to the richest 1% at the expense of middle class Californians, is just the latest example.

Take the State and Local Tax deduction. Under the GOP tax bill, it’s eliminated. The Government Finance Officers Association ran the numbers, and it turns out that more than 1.7 million Californians living in one of the 14 districts held by a Republican use this deduction, commonly for property or income, to reduce their taxes. It’s such a huge hit that the Washington Post identified California taxpayers as one of the “losers” in this bill (the super rich were “winners”).

As Republicans in Other States Revolt, the 14 Fall in Line

In other states hard hit by eliminating the State and Local Tax deduction, Republicans rebelled. Twelve Republicans in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania rejected the GOP budget framework over middle class tax hikes, but the 14 voted for it. If only three California Republicans stood up for the middle class, this bill would have been defeated.

How do the 14 justify their support for a big tax hike on middle class Californians? Remember, 80% of their tax bill goes to the richest 1%.

Rep. Duncan Hunter’s defense: “Why punish the rest of the nation because California is stupid?”

Rep. Darrell Issa also took to blaming California. “I recognize the role of the state and local tax deduction to reduce the tax burden on many Californians, but let’s be clear: It has only become of such importance as a direct result of the tremendous weight that your misguided policies have put on California taxpayers,” he said.

Enough Excuses

States with higher taxes and a higher cost of living like California use the state and local tax deduction more than other states. (By the way, California's higher incomes subsidize states that refuse to invest in their infrastructure.) Our representatives should know that and defend us. But the 14 turned their backs on middle class Californians.

Help us go after all the 14 by chipping in $28 or more today. That’s $2 for each district. We’ll make sure middle class Californians in these districts understand that they’re not represented by someone who is fighting for them.

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