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The Supreme Court Disaster: Taking Back Congress is More Important than Ever

President Trump just announced his pick to replace retiring Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy: Judge Brett Kavanaugh. If confirmed, he will be the second person Trump elevated to the Supreme Court but only the first not stolen from President Obama.

There’s no sugarcoating what’s at stake. Justice Kennedy was part of the conservative wing of the court, but on occasion, he could be counted on to be a “swing” vote on issues like environmental protections, women’s health choices, LGBTQI rights, or broad access to education. We may be witnessing the birth of a new far right activist court, one that could be entrenched for a generation or more, undermining almost a century of progress in our country.

Here at Flip the 14, our mission has never felt more vital. You know the damage caused by the White House, and in the coming weeks, you’ll hear a lot more about the damage that will be caused by the Supreme Court if Kavanaugh is confirmed. It’s urgent: we MUST restore checks and balances in Washington, and that requires us to take back Congress.

Please contribute to Flip the 14 today. The money you donate will be devoted to turning out mid-term skipping and newly registered voters in key swing districts in California. 

Astute observers may ask: what does the House of Representatives have to do with the Supreme Court? Good question!

Take a look at just two of the high profile cases Justice Kennedy was the deciding vote on in the week before his retirement: the travel ban and the decision undermining the power of workers to collectively bargain. We could cite hundreds of other cases in their place.

The House of Representatives can vote to reverse the travel ban. They can take it a step further and pass comprehensive immigration reform. Neither is likely under Republican rule. Likewise, the House can take numerous steps to defend the right of workers to organize.

The House can create legislative solutions to many but not all of the disastrous Supreme Court cases we've seen and will see; they can provide oversight of the Trump Administration at a time when the highest court in the land refuses to do so; and they can set the stage for a values debate in the 2020 presidential election.

Join the fight to restore checks and balances in Congress! Help us take back the House with a donation today. Your donation will be focused on outreach to voters who might otherwise stay home.

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