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We Fought Back Against the GOP Tax Scam

Two weeks ago, Republicans in the House of Representatives voted for a huge tax increase on millions of middle class Americans. The bill specifically went after tax deductions Californians use the most, making sure our state is hardest hit by their tax scam.

We’re still furious that 11 California Republicans in Congress betrayed their constituents. They want to merge their bad bill with a parallel Senate Republican tax scam that raises taxes on most Americans earning $75,000 or less a year. It’s time to fight back.

Today, Flip the 14 released walk pieces focused on the 11, available for free for anyone in the Resistance to download, print, and distribute. You can download them here. The walk pieces are designed to reach voters who may not understand what is being done to them by their Republican representatives in Congress. 

Help us continue our important work for the Resistance with a contribution today.


The pieces remind voters that Doug LaMalfa, Paul Cook, Jeff Denham, David Valadao, Devin Nunes, Kevin McCarthy, Steve Knight, Ed Royce, Ken Calvert, Mimi Walters, and Duncan Hunter voted to:

  • Force working Californians to pay $12.1 billion more in taxes by 2027
  • Cut Medicare by $400 billion over the next ten year
  • Cancel a program that creates 20,000 affordable homes a year in California
  • Eliminate tax deductions on medical expenses and student loans
  • Eliminate the tax deduction for property lost to wildfires or earthquake

Enough is enough. If you have friends who live in these 11 districts, make sure they know what their representative is doing to them. They’re not looking out for us, so it’s time to replace them with someone who will. It’s time to Flip the 14.

Please contribute what you can today to help us replace Republican Members of Congress who are voting against middle class Californians.

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