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Flip the West

Stay Focused on the Prize

Over the weekend, we were featured in a San Francisco Chronicle article, Democrats in droves seek to topple GOP in California’s congressional races, about the huge number of Democrats entering Congressional races across California. As I told reporter John Wildermuth, “Democrats have to stay focused on the prize. They need to prove they can bring about the change they want in the district.”

Competitive primaries can be a great boon in our efforts to flip Congress when they inspire voters and bring unheard voices to the table. The huge number of candidates running reflects the passion and energy necessary for a blue wave to happen. And the GOP’s record number of congressional retirements, including two in California, reveals that they know a wipeout is coming too.

So my friendly advice to Democratic candidates is simple:

  • Now’s not the time to trash other Democrats running;
  • Focus on your record and vision;
  • Expand and solidify your base; and
  • Make sure they turn out in the general election no matter who wins the primary.

If we can all agree to those basic guidelines, we can flip seats no one thought possible.

Eyes on the prize, friends. We’ve got this.

--Doug Linney, Campaign Manager, Flip the 14

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