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This is Not a Drill: All Hands on Deck in CA-39, CA-48, CA-49

We’re nervous. With Election Day less than two weeks away, we’re really worried about three races in California: CA-39, CA-48, and CA-49. Those are the seats currently represented respectively by Congressmen Ed Royce (retiring), Dana Rohrabacher (in it against a far right challenger loaded with campaign cash), and Darrell Issa (retiring).

There are good Democratic candidates in all three districts, and enthusiasm is high. But the simple math is this: in each district, Republican votes have mostly consolidated behind two candidates, which means the top two vote getters in the primary could be Republicans if we don’t boost Democratic turnout.

Flip the 14 is partnering with the Courage Campaign during this all hands on deck moment to help push a Democrat into the top two. Can you help us? Sign up to volunteer today!

(You can also sign up to phone bank or email you friends and colleagues in the districts with Courage Campaign and their #CaliforniaCounts campaign.)

We’re looking for volunteers to call and/or text voters in CA-39, CA-48, and CA-49, and we mean right now. We don’t have time to beat around the bush: through June, these are the three most important primary elections in the country in determining who controls Congress.

We’re reaching Democratic base voters, like young people, union households, and communities of color, especially women, with a message focused on the impact of the top two primary and the profound importance of voting for a leading Democrat for Congress, in the hopes that a Democrat rises to the top two in each race.

The situation is so dire that the Cook Political Report on Tuesday downgraded our chances in CA-39 and CA-49 from “lean Democratic” to “toss up”, entirely because of the top two process. When we say all hands on deck, we mean it.

Do you remember how you felt when Trump won on Election Day? That pang of regret and shock, that profound sadness. Do you remember the vow you took that you’ll never let it happen again? This is that moment you promised you wouldn’t pass up.

Sign up to volunteer today. This is the most important thing we can be doing RIGHT NOW to put the Trump regime on notice.


P.S. We’re still a few thousand dollars short to expand this text bank from 50,000 voters to 100,000 voters. Can you chip in to get us across the finish line? Thanks!

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