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The Time is Now to Flip the 14

Friends, here at Flip the 14, we’ve been in what you might call a soft launch. Almost 400 days before Election Day, we’re now making it official:

Today's the big day for our organization. We'd love to have your support with a serious contribution today. For the cost of a single mailer, we'll be able to hire a second field organizer--for an entire election cycle!

Flip the 14 is the only organization with a comprehensive strategy to compete in all 14 Congressional Districts held by a Republican in California. Just this week, the highly respected Cook Political Report said it’s “even money” whether Republicans will be able to hold onto the House of Representatives. Flip the 14 believe it’s time to go big, and we have a cost-effective and comprehensive strategy to expand the map of winnable seats.

As our Campaign Manager Doug Linney explains:

“Democrats need 24 seats to take back the House from the Republican Party and 14 of them are in California. Opposition to the extreme agenda pushed by Trump and Congressional Republicans is strong here. While a lot of groups are focused on the seven districts Hillary Clinton won in 2016, we think it’s important to amplify the voices of the Resistance in all 14 districts. Our state is where the Resistance is going to turn activism and outrage into votes and take back Congress.”

You can read our official announcement here. It goes into detail about our strategy to flip California’s 14 districts and why we think this year could be a wave election in California.

Please consider a contribution to bring our work to the next level. It's time to Flip the 14!

Who's donating: from San Mateo, CA donated. Thank you!

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