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Trump's tax returns? He says "Trust Me."


Because Trump’s tax returns remain undisclosed, we have no way of understanding how his policies might financially benefit him. What changes to the tax code might help him? What countries might he have business ties to, including debts that could be used against him?

Let’s start with Trump’s campaign promise to release his tax returns if he became president.

Then, he changed his mind after the election, using the excuse that nobody really cared about his tax returns— an excuse that is in stark contrast to a January poll by ABC that shows that 74% of Americans really do care.

Congressman Jeff Denham is in lockstep with Trump: his voting record is 100% in support of the Trump agenda, including slashing health care for the most vulnerable to give the 1% a tax break. You can see for yourself here.

Jeff Denham believes that Trump’s tax returns are none of our business. Yet every day brings new revelations about Trump family and campaign ties to Russia. Now more than ever, we need to see for ourselves.

Call Jeff Denham’s Modesto office today, at (209) 579-5458 to let him know that you think the American people deserve to see Donald Trump’s tax returns--so we know who he is really serving.


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